Love a bite has lift off. Our mission – insanely accepted – is to bring restaurant++ quality nosh to you at farmers markets. All at very reasonable prices, and be completely transparent about our ingredients and methods, so you know what you are getting and can recreate them your-self.

Farmer’s markets have been pushing the quality of food in the UK for years now, forcing restaurants to up their game. This movement is still growing, and we expect it to have even more influence in the years to come. Because it is just good for everyone.

We are totally sold on using the best ingredients, local, organic, fair trade. Apart from the health aspect, the produce has really been cared for, not just how much money can be squeezed out of it by cutting corners. This results in better ingredients that, well just taste better.

We are currently baking our own homemade bread and experimenting with cheese toasted sandwiches every day.

Now to write the menu and upload some pics :). laters.

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