Waldo Toastie

waldo toastie

Toasted over real flame in fire irons. Molten strong Montgomery cheddar in slow risen wholemeal bread. Throw in some char-grilled lettuce and roasted walnuts for even more bang. Then light the fuse on this taste explosion with smoked garlic and caramelised onions.

We bake our own bread, so we can select the best ingredients and have complete control over the flavour and quality. We slow ferment our dough for at least 24 hours. This develops the flavour immensely, and converts the gluten for a much more digestible loaf.

The bread is made using sour dough starters, organic wholemeal flour and mineral rich grey sea salt. Nothing else. Oh – except water. We use spring water as we don’t want chlorine hampering our well cared for yeast, and you probably don’t want chlorine, trace pesticides, fertilisers and hormones in your bread either! Incidentally, tap water in the South East of England is no longer fluorinated.

Serious artisan bread needs serious British cheese to go with it. You want strong mature cheese but it has to melt brilliantly too. We found Montgomery mature cheddar and Ogleshield are great for this.

You can stop there. You have a really great combo with the bread and cheeses, especially when toasted in fire irons the old fashioned way. But if we are going to add anything it has to enhance the toastie.


These are the optional toppings we serve:

A light sprinkle of onions and garlic are a classic combo with melted cheese.

Inspired by the Waldorf salad – Roasted Walnuts and Charred Lettuce leaf.  The lettuce we char with olive oil and sea salt. We roast organic walnuts as intensely as possible just before the point of burning them for maximum flavour. The bitterness both possess adds another dimension and completes the pinnacle we look for from cheese toasted sandwiches. Enjoy!

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