Roasted SunPump mix



You really haven’t had tried roasted pumpkin and sunflower mix till you’ve tried ours. Its freshly roasted daily. We use the best organic seeds. Then we batch roast them by hand using the best tasting 2 year matured Tamari, and we don’t skimp on this expensive ingredient either as you can see from the beautiful burnished color.

We are just starting up – May 2015, and hope you support us in bringing you what we believe is unmatched quality and flavor and great value for a real super food snack.



Believe it or not this was the first thing I ever cooked in my life at about 7 years old. We had been on a family outing to Chinatown in London, the highlight of which was a Chinese supermarket. I can still remember the amazing food and ingredients, and even where they were on the aisles! As soon as we got home, with a new thing called a Wok – this was 1977, I had to try it out. Heated it on the hob, grabbed some sunflower seeds to hand and when hot splashed soya sauce on. Billows of smoke ensued. But when they had cooled down a bit, wow were they tasty. Roll forward a few decades I am finally launching them to the world.

At present we use imported Organic Seeds. Unfortunately shelled Sunflower or Pumpkin seeds for people to eat are not being produced in the UK to our knowledge. Our dream is to rectify this, get a shelling machine, and you never know, maybe even get our own sunflower farm!

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