life does’nt have to be complicated. We set ourselves the simple goal or making the best cheese toastie in the world!

We dove straight in baking our own bread, getting the best local cheese to melt and selling at the Horniman Museum’s farmers market on Saturdays.

Now we have built our own wood fired oven, use sustainable local wood for fuel, make artisan bread – slow fermented with wild yeast, and have created four fresh healthy sauces of unsurpassed moorishness.

From August 2015 we will be offering events/workshops that pack all we have learnt and delicious pizza and artisan bread into one day. Learn how to make Artisan no knead bread with wild starter, build a wood fired oven in an hour, fire management, bake your own sourdough pizza for lunch, baking bread, even cakes after that if there is time! If you are interested in this either for your own outdoor event, or joining one of our workshops email news@loveabite.com

Our aim is to get simple, fresh, delicious healthy food to as many people as possible. To do this:

  • We Only use the best ingredients. Local, in season, Organic, fresh, fair-trade where possible.
  • All our practices strive to be ethical and sustainable.
  • We encourage a more vegetarian diet by making food so good that meat is just unnecessary.
  • We slow ferment and slow cook our food for better flavour and nutrition.
  • We serve small portions of sauces for take away so it is consumed as fresh as possible at its best, minimising waste.
  • We want to share and teach what we learn so that our approach can spread to more than the number of people we can serve food directly to.

So whats on the Menu?

Cheese Toasties

All our toasties are made with our own home baked bread by hand. This allows us to precisely create the best toastie we possibly can, from ingredients and baking to final cooking and serving. All our bread is 100% unbleached Organic flour, water and sea salt, wild yeast. Nothing else, no added oil, butter, sugar, flavouring or preservatives.

Wholemeal Toastie- Full on flavour

A pairing of full on traditional Mature Somerset Cheddar with deeply delicious wholemeal bread. Using only wild yeast we slow ferment the bread for at least 24 hours. The all organic flour is a combination of wholemeal, rye and white. Wholemeal for flavour, texture and fibre, Rye for flavour and extended keeping, white for structure. The cheeses we use are Montgomery, Westcombe and Ogleshield. These are three to four times the price of most supermarket mature cheddars, but really worth it for their flavour which holds up with melting as well. These use a traditional Rennet so not 100% vegetarian.

Bread: 50%  Wholemeal flour, 40% White Flour, 10% Rye (all Doves farm Organic), water, celtic sea salt.

White Spelt Sourdough toastie – mild yet powerful

A delicate white sourdough – developed enough to have great depth of flavour, without being too sharp. The ancient spelt flour gives it a wonderful nuttiness and biscuit like crunch when toasted. To preserve the subtle flavours and not overwhelm those with a delicate palette we use a milder yet mature cheese – Tickler.

100% Vegetarian Pasteurised Cheese.

Bread: 50% Spelt, 50% Strong White (allDoves farm Organic), water, celtic sea salt.


Our sauces are hand prepared fresh no more than 24 hours before serving. You wont find these so good or so fresh anywhere else.

All our sauces have to add something to and pair well with our toasties. This is a tall order as our toasties are seriously full on flavour without anything added.

A limited number of takeaway pots are available as these sauces go great with so many other things. Especially a prime steak!

ChimiChurri Sauce

A classic herb sauce by way of Argentina! Turns out its great with our toasties too. Parsley, olive oil, Sea Salt, Cider vinegar, tiny bit of garlic, tomato.

Fresh sun blanched tomatoes

We Sun blanch these ourselves in London! Weather permitting in small batches they are cut, salted and laid out in the sun under mesh to protect them. If its too cloudy we finish them slowly using a dehydrator. Then we soak them in extra virigin olive oil, organic hemp oil, oregano, garlic. By leaving some of the vines on and adding dash of Dorset hemp oil these have a wonderful herby flavour.

Red Chill Jelly

Fresh Red Chilli, Tamarind pods, lime juice, honey, Star Anise, Tamari, Vegetarian seweed based Gelling Agent. Pinch of Cacao.

A really unique Chilli Sauce – in flavour and texture. Smooth with no bits suspended in a jelly. Because of the natural preservative actions of the honey and chilli, this one keeps for up to a month after opening. Medium hot.

Victorian Sauce vs Worcester

Lea and Perrins Worcester sauce evolved from Victorian sauce. Because it was so good, it has rightly dominated this market for over a century. While we love Lea and Perrins sauce, it is a shame that all other variations of the victorian sauce it evolved from have been relegated to history. Till now!

We don’t try to compete with Worcester sauce, which gets a lot of its flavour from oak barrel ageing. Instead, we focus on the balance of fresh fruity flavours with deep under notes. Like our red chilli jelly you will find the flavour transforms at least three times within ten seconds of tasting it.

Tamarind pods, Muscovado Sugar, Rum, Mace,  Fennel,  Mango, tamari, cider vinegar.

Too Long Didn’t Read –

Bake at home

We also sell Wild yeast starter along with instructions that distill our method and experience into a simple to follow guide.


We will be giving Artisan baking workshops from August so please join our mailing list if you would be interested in attending.